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August 8, 2015


Poised to Learn Spanish, French or ...

Teach the most challenging language while they are very young. Then in elementary school - they can take classes in Spanish, French or another language. And they will learn these languages more easily because their brains have become more adept at language learning.  By taking this step now, while the window of opportunity is wide open, you have the opportunity to create a multi-lingual child, fluent in at least one strategic world language. 


An AdvantageHigh SchoolCollege, Career, and Service

Those who are completely literate (read, write, speak fluently) have a unique advantage in four key areas. Colleges are now collaborating with the federal government to graduate students fluent in strategic languages. This means  such students will have an advantage as they apply for the competitive high schools that feed our good colleges.  In the job market they will be valued in every field from business, to social service, to government -  and in each case, their fluency in a strategic world language, will give them a distinct career advantage.  Finally, as human beings on this earth we share, multi-lingual young people are uniquely positioned to address the challenges of peace, environmental preservation, and hunger, that seem right now to be overwhelming our planet.   By seizing the window of opportunity to give a child a challenging, or strategic world language - or any additional language, we are laying the foundation for global competence, and creating future world leaders and servants.

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