Why and How Toddlers Should Be Immersed in a Second or Third Language.

Based on the new brain research, some revolutionary changes in thinking as relates to toddlers and language acquisition, are at hand. Parents of very young children will want to familiarize themselves with this science, so as to inform the choices they make during the very first few years of their young child's life.

New Findings in Neuroscience

Amazing Capacity to Acquire Language

There has been a revolution in our understanding of children's minds, brains, and learning capacities. The brain has been called by some, the new frontier due to rapid advances in knowledge about how it works. The research on language development in early childhood shows that the young brain has an astounding capacity to acquire multiple languages. New brain reseach shows that 0-5 is the optimal age for language learning. (A fact that runs contrary to common practice in the US, which begins foreign language teaching in elementary and middle school.) The young brain is more than ready before then, and according to science, the benefits are far reaching. Read more.

Increased Cognitive Ability and Higher Scores

The benefits of early second language acquisition have residuals that impact overall academic performance going forward. Scholars have documented increased academic performance in reading, reasoning, and math in elementary students who have acquired dual-language fluency. They even score higher on SATs. Read more.

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