K to 8 Unfolding a grade at a time


Literacy in Two Languages

When the first cohort of Morningside PlayCare children are ready for Kindergarten, we will begin our elementary school program. In Kindergarten, the curriculum will change from 100% immersion in Mandarin to 50/50 Mandarin/English on alternating days.


Academic Rigor

Each day, our elementary school children will learn to read, write, do arithmetic, and explore science and the arts, in the language of that day. Learning how to  be critical thinkers who view the world from the point of view of others is essential. Understanding the Chinese culture and the culture of every language we study is another essential. Our goal will be to create globally competent students who are academically prepared for the competitive middle and high school admissions process.


The Option of a Third Language

Each year the school will add a grade. With fluency in two languages (Mandarin and English) well established, students may choose to be introduced to a third language during the elementary school years.


Nature-Based Science and Biology

We will continue to build on our curriculum of authentic inquiry as students delve more deeply into our nature/biology/health-based science programs. We will also take their inquiring minds into the fields of history, literature, and philosophy.


Our K to 8 Mission: To graduate students prepared for rigorous high school programs, who have the tools of globally competent students. We want our young people to feel a sense of responsibility for making a difference in the world, and to have the skills to do so



What is Global Competence?
It starts with being able to communicate cross-culturally.
 We subscribe to the Global Competency Maitrex  created by the
Council of Chief State Officers in collaboration with the Asia Society.  
Our program is directed toward producing
globally competent graduates.