What is Language Immersion?

It is the most effective method for learning a second language. It is learning by spending extended periods of classroom, play, or daily-living time in an environment in which only the second (target) language is spoken. In a school or childcare context, 50% or more of all care or instruction is in the target language. The more time spent learning the target language, the more rapidly fluency is attained.

Why Start with Mandarin?

With China's rise as a global economic power  Mandarin has become a strategic world language.  Fluency in Mandarin distinguishes n individual as one of the few Americans who is poised to be an important global resource in the coming decade. Those who are completely literate and have no accent (as do those who acquire a language in early childhood) are uniquely poised to be at an advantage for college admissions and career advancement in both the private sector and public service.  It increases their options in a Global era and makes it more likely that they will become multi-lingual.


What is PlayCare?