Flying Deer Nature Center
We have invited nature education leaders Michelle Apland and Devin Franklin to help us develop the Nature Discovery and Family Nature Days components of our program. A few times each year, we will bring the Morningside PlayCare community of children, parents, and staff together in a city or state park to celebrate community and nature in a day of exploration, discovery, and fun led by Flying Deer Nature Center.
Flying Deer Nature Center is one of the foremost wilderness schools and communities in the Northeast. It is dedicated to mentoring children, youth, adults, and families in deep connection to nature, self, and others. Since Flying Deer's inception in 1995, more than 2,500 children and adults have participated in its nature education programs, wilderness adventures, coming-of-age experiences, and community activities. We look forward to collaborating with them to build our Family and Nature Discovery initiatives.



A community with shared values supports a child in feeling and being emotionally centered. It nurtures psychological health and educational achievement. The foods they eat at home, the kind of play in which they engage, the things in life they learn to honor are all part of a family and a community's values.  We value eating healthy and listening to our bodies. We play with things we make, things that nature makes, and things that reflect who we are.  We honor and respect nature - our environment, and discover our place in it.  Like every program that has clear values, we attract families who share those values.  In this way, an environment that supports young children in making the transition from home to PlayCare is naturally created. 


We serve organic and all-natural snacks and lunches, and drink plenty of water.

Our songs and play support healthy habits.