Our admissions process has changed to reflect our COVID era objectives.

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Who We Enroll:  Morningside PlayCare Immersion accepts applications for enrollment for toddlers and pre-schoolers. We are now exploring enrolling children as young as 12 months.  Our current enrollment is 18 months to 6 years.  In our After School and online  program we enroll children as old as 7 years.  We seek families who value multilingualism, diversity, nature-conscious living, and a play-based approach to learning.  


When To Apply & When You Will Be Notified:  Applications are currently being accepted for 2020 and 2021.  January applicants will be given a decision within 4 days of completion of their application process.  After our January deadline, our admissions process is rolling, and children may be accepted as they become ready, provided spaces are available. Families may be wait-listed if their children are young. Families applying for financial assistance should complete the process as early in the year and cycle as possible.  Families with young children and expectant parents are encouraged to attend Open Houses and submit applications once their child turns 3 months.  JANUARY 16th IS THE REGULAR REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR FALL ADMISSIONS.


What Are the Steps in the Application Process?

Step 1. (Optional) Attending an Open House event: These events are held in the evenings after school, or early mornings prior to the start of school.  There will be a presentation about our program and an opportunity to ask questions. Register for and view our Open House Schedule here.

Step 2.  The PlayDate or interview is part of the formal application process; parents and child must attend. Your visit will be scheduled shortly after your application and application fee have been received. (The fee is $25 for online learning application; and $50 for in-person.).  This family interview allows us to get to know more about one another and whether our program is a good fit for your child. Your child will have the opportunity to spend time in our immersion playroom while our program is in session (with you nearby or in-sight).  We will describe Morningside PlayCare and our language immersion process in more detail and answer any questions you may have.


Please Note: If your family needs require a quick turn-around time for an admissions decision, send us an email after filing your application, requesting that we fast-track your process. We will do our best.

Step 3. Receive an admissions determination letter. For admitted families, the letter will include an enrollment agreement, a registration form, our Parent Handbook and a current academic calendar.  See tab above for our Rolling Admissions schedule.


Step 4. Sign your enrollment agreement and return with a tuition deposit of 10% (by the date indicated) to assure your child's place. 

Step 5. Have your child's pediatrician complete your child's medical form.  No child will be admitted without completion of this form.

Wait-Listing: Click here for waiting list information and to join our waitlist for your child's age group.  Once you are on the list, you may check regularly on your child's status.  Parents who are "trying" or expecting, as well as parents who seek financial aid, are encouraged to join at this time. Waitlist.













Tuition at Morningside PlayCare Immersion  


Our school is open 12 months of the year. Children enroll for the entire school year, which begins in September and ends in August.  Our tuition ranges from $14,000 to $33,000 for a 12 month school year depending on the length of the child's school day and the parents' eligibility on our sliding scale tuition formula.  

Sliding Scale Tuition

Morningside PlayCare’s Income Diversity Sliding-Scale Program is a special initiative designed to enable tuition rates in which all parents “stretch” to make it possible for their child’s environment to be enriched by diversity.  Our financial aid is primarily derived from making dollars from higher tuition paying parents, available to help offset the cost of lower tuition paying parents. While our tuition rates are below all of the other Mandarin immersion programs, the rates are still high for most NYC families.  It is our intention that everyone (including MPC's most committed staff)  stretch themselves to achieve this ambitious goal.  Families who wish to apply for aid should fill out the form below and return it within five days of submitting their application for enrollment.  Family's who don't should know they are making an appreciated contribution. Expectant families, or families with young infants who will seek financial aid, should join our waitlist at this time.


Two Reasons Diversity is So Important

1) Everyone’s educational experience is enhanced in a multi-cultural setting where multiple perspectives are considered, and similarities and differences valued. (2) Our nation is stronger when all of our children are preparing to participate as globally competent citizens in a future ripe with possibilities and challenges.

Contribute to our Income Diversity Fund

Even if you don't have a child enrolled here you can make our world a better place.

A contribution to the Income Diversity Fund makes it possible for a child to participate whose family is at the lower ends of the income spectrum. For this child, the opportunity to become fluent in Mandarin would not otherwise exist. A low-income child has the most to gain from learning a second language in early childhood, because it might be the single largest advantage they ever acquire in their academic career—an invaluable asset to bring to the global job market. By donating today, you help change the trajectory of a young life. Yes, I would like to make the difference in a young child's life.



Morningside PlayCare does not discriminate with regard to race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation.