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What is Immersion Learning?  


It is the most effective method for learning a second language. It is learning by spending extended periods of classroom, play, or daily living time in an environment in which only the second (target) language is spoken. In a school or childcare context, 50% or more of all care or instruction is in the target language. The more time spent learning the target language, the more rapidly fluency is attained.  When Mandarin is combined with a play-based curriculum, young children acquire the language effortlessly.  


What does it look like in practice?

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.Why Start with Mandarin?


A few reasons: The world is changing. Mandarin has become a strategic world language; and employers will soon expect multilingualism. It's smart to give children the most challenging languages (like Mandarin or Arabic) during early childhood, when the brain is prime for language acqusition. Spanish or other European languages can be easily acquired next.  A decade from now most Americans will still speak only English or Spanish.  However, those Americans who are literate in Mandarin will distinguish themselves as a sought-after global resource.  Read More.



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