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Early Childhood Education Re-imagined

Making Children Multilingual

We are a 100% Mandarin and Spanish immersion program. Morningside PlayCare's distinctive play-based and nature-based curriculum was inspired by Waldorf schools, Flying Deer Nature Center, and yoga. In 2015 Mom/Educator, Gail Foster, approached leaders in the field of early childhood education and linguistics with a vision:  Let’s establish a model nursery school specifically designed to tap the emerging neuroscience on the linguistic genius of the young brain. With support from scholars and practitioners, Dr. Foster recruited Columbia affiliated families with toddlers to collaborate in the start-up of an early childhood program that would give their children the gift of multilingualism. At Morningside PlayCare children are taught solely in Mandarin or Spanish which leads to the natural acquisition of multiple languages in the young brain.  Give your child the gift of a second language.  Give your child the confidence that comes with being able to speak international languages.  Prepare your child for the future.

Morningside PlayCare cultivates the language genius,

open mindedness, and wonder-filled hearts of young children.

We're outside exploring nature daily.
Children can have fun in any language.
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There is a magical window of language opportunity from ages 0 - 6.

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 Nature Discovery
Mandarin, Spanish
All in the context of  
Play & Wonder

We work to create cultural and economic diversity, across families and staff.

Morningside PlayCare offers both brick & mortar and online classes.    We currently offer Remote learning for Kindergarten and First Grade Children who already understand some Mandarin.  We also offer Support Learning for children taking online classes at school whose parents would like them to be in a structured environment.  We offer summer programs. In the Fall of 2021 we plan to offer Universal PreK classes, making Mandarin and Spanish immersion available to all.  Contact us for more information or apply today.  January 31 is the application deadline for Fall 2021.